Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The View from Our Window



The crazy thing is, I'm so used to hearing fire trucks (there is a station down the street from us) that I didn't even realize our building was surrounded by them until friends started calling to check and see if we were okay. Then I looked out the window and saw this. Actually, I saw firemen climbing that ladder (to the 10th floor), smoke billowing out of the windows and bricks falling -- but couldn't pick my jaw up off the floor in time to get a picture of that.

Fortunately, smoke rises and we're on the second floor. Unfortunately -- we are stuck. And poor Jack R. is stuck with us. They aren't letting anyone in the building -- so if you leave you are out for good. And I don't have a good way to get any information. Right now I am just hoping that no one was inside that apartment at the time of the fire.


Brian and Alia Cherry said...

oh my gosh! scary! on another note they showed birds eye view of central park on CNN today and all the leaves were gorgeous colors and i stood there in shock and awe, "ITS FALL??"

Elise said...

So crazy! Now I wish I had stayed on the street to watch! How long were you and Jack stuck?

nicokekeematipili said...

In the first picture I totally missed the latters and thought you were sending pictures of NYC Foliage! You'll have to fill us in on what happened up there!!

Vicki Kemsley Parry said...

Very Scary considering where you are.