Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elliot Right Now

I usually try and keep the text of my posts to a minimum, so this one is a bit of an anomaly. Please forgive my self-indulgence.

Elliot Right Now:

Has started teasing. “Does the sandwich go in my eye? No. In my ear? No. In my mouth? Yes!” He also likes to tickle and squish people. The squishing is especially rough. After all, he weighs like 27 pounds.

Says every prayer the same way. “Heavenly Father, please bless Daddy. Please bless Mommy. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

Admits willingly to wrongdoing. Today he was at Chris's work-provided day care (Like I said, I’m desperately trying to get my MA thesis done) and when I met him for lunch I asked him if he was being nice to the babies. He said, “No. I pushed the babies.” We had a long talk about not pushing. Tonight, as I was leaving his room he said, “Goodnight. And no push babies.”

We made the mistake of telling him we are going to Disneyland in March. Now he asks to go every day.

Says “I love you” voluntarily. (Though he can’t quite get the “l” sound yet, so it is “I wove you.”)

Is constantly surprising me by the things he understands and remembers. We went to City Bakery on Saturday -- a place we haven’t been to since going with Jill and Jared a year ago and as soon as we walked in Elliot looked up at us and said, “where’s Oscar?”

Is always “still” hungry. Never just plain hungry.

Is tricksy. When it’s time for bed we hear, “I still hungry. I need a bath. I scared. I need brush my teeth. I need clean up my toys.” Sigh.

Still doesn’t want to ride in the stroller. Putting him in it is a battle every time. I used to think this was just a phase. Now I think it’s just his personality.

Loves music. I now have an Elliot playlist on my iPod. Recent favorites include “Life is a Highway” (from Cars) and the Veggie tales theme song.

Sits at the table rather than his highchair for most meals.

Throws fits: Before every meal, before baths, before naps/bedtime, when leaving the house, when leaving friends’ homes, when leaving for church (favorite quote, “I want a different church!”), when we turn the tv off.

Time-outs: Consist of screaming at the top of his lungs in his bed for a few minutes before calming down and asking to “snuggle.”

Would watch tv all day if we let him. (We don’t.) Loves: Curious George, Veggie Tales (“I want to watch the tomato and the cucumber” – I should tell him when he is willing to eat those things, he can watch them), Cars, Thomas, and Wall-e. And football. Seriously.

Thinks riding in a car is a special treat. Guess that’s what happens when your parents don’t own a car.

Knows where Magnolia’s (bakery), Planet Kids (toy store), and friends’ homes are. And tries to direct me to said locations. (“No, mom. I want to go this way.”)

Has the most ridiculously cute dimples ever. Gift straight from God to his mother, who is a huge sucker for dimples.

Lack of Blogging

Please excuse the lack of blogging lately. I'm am going crazy working on my Master's thesis and Elliot has inherited my tendency to blink any time a camera comes out. Busy mom + bad pictures = very little interest in blogging.

I will try to do better.