Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harper Kate - Six Weeks


Harper Kate's Six-Week Stats:

Nighttime Sleep -- She's a champ. She regularly sleeps a 6 hour+ stretch. Chris and I can't believe our good luck. We have a six week old and feel human at the same time -- has that ever, in the history of time, happened before?

Daytime Sleep -- It is hit or miss. Sometimes she'll stay awake for an entire day, collapsing into frantic tears of exhaustion at five or six in the evening. Sometimes she'll nap for hours. This can be slightly frustrating as far as getting anything done during the day, but with the way she sleeps at night, who can complain?

Favorite Activity -- Hands down staring at the framed scrapbook paper I have hanging above the couch. Often I will sit down with her and she'll look up, focus on the paper and get a huge grin like, "yes! I have been waiting to look at this all day!"

Least Favorite Activity -- Tummy time. It is just such hard work!

Personality -- She is social, social, social. She's been smiling since three weeks and has recently started cooing. She loves to stare at Chris and I and talk and talk. She continues to be easy-going and sweet -- though she is a bit more vocal about her dislikes these days (ie, tummy time).

Me -- I'm definitely still figuring this two kid thing out. My house is a wreck. We've been eating Trader Joe's frozen food for every meal. And I literally wore the same shirt for 48 hours straight this week. And all I can think is, "my mom did this nine times. NINE TIMES!" Amazing.


Vickie said...

I love it!! She's so beautiful! And I'm so glad she's figured out this nighttime sleep thing. What a blessing it is to get some sleep! Yay for you! She sounds absolutely adorable and I love reading about her little personality. More pictures!! :) Love you guys.

Andi said...

Wow, I can't believe your mom had 9 kids! I seriously admire women with a lot of children now because I can barely handle 1. I can't imagine ever having enough energy to have 2, let alone 9.

What a cute baby girl you've got!

homemade by jill said...

Thank heavens for Trader Joe's.

Harper looks so much bigger/older! I really need to mail your package, preferably before she outgrows everything.