Monday, November 1, 2010


We got one moustache picture before Elliot opted for a clean-shaven look. After the ward party on Saturday, we headed up to Connecticut for some "real" trick-or-treating on Sunday. My favorite part of the evening? Elliot's enthusiasm over seeing stars. "Look, Mom. A star! A star!" Hmmm... he must live in the city.

It was FREEZING, so Harper and I only made it to a few houses, but the rest of the crew made it around the neighborhood. Then we all ate ourselves sick, took a few pictures, and drove home.

"It's me, Mario!"

Link Josh and Volk Caleb (Nintendo was big with the Kemsley/Patton's this year)

"Milk and Cookies"



Vickie said...

Elliot makes the best Mario around! It's fun to celebrate holidays with the kiddos.

kate said...

hee hee! with those big eyes he could totally be the real thing! love it.

homemade by jill said...

ACK! Cutest. Mario. Ever.

I loved everything about that post.

nicokekeematipili said...

MARIO, Oh those were the days! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikaela:) said...

Elliot was so ridiculously cute while trick-or-treating. Every house we went to he would tentatively take his candy then scream "HAPPY HALLOWEEN TRICK-OR-TREATING THANK YOU!" so. darn. cute.