Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Kemsleys Go To India

For the past few years, my mom has spent a month in India each year working at a preschool in the tiny town of Santiniketan, about 180 km north of Kolkata. This all started when, after 27 years of having babies (literally -- my youngest brother only started full-day school last year) she felt like she needed to do something for herself.

Turns out my mom's idea of doing something for herself is doing something for other people.

So her yearly India trip was born. The preschool she teaches at serves the needs of children that would otherwise care for themselves (and often their younger siblings) while their parents work.

This year, rather than her go alone, my parents decided that they would all go. So my Mom, Dad, and four of my siblings (the ones that still live at home) are in the middle of six weeks of service in India.

And here are some of their photos:

These are my two youngest brothers, Josh (8) and Caleb (9). They are attending school in India while they are there. My favorite of these photos is the one of Caleb sitting in the dirt eating his lunch. Caleb is an notorious picky eater (who hates mashed potatoes for goodness sakes!?), and here he is digging right in.


This is my sister Mikaela (16). She's teaching math and English. My brother Sean (14), on the right, is helping my mom in the preschool.


These are the monkeys that hang out in town. Elliot was SO jealous when he saw these photos.


My mom with some of her preschool kids.


Kara and Frank head out on Friday. I am so bummed to be missing it. We are there next year, Suzan!


Vickie said...

Wow, this is so amazing! What a great opportunity for your family to do this. I'm in awe!

Elise said...

Your mom rocks.

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

Are you going next year? Maybe I can come too...

nicokekeematipili said...

Janelle, loving the insight of your mom's trips to India. So glad you posted these pictures. Go Caleb! "No hay pan duro cuando hay hambre"

homemade by jill said...

You have the coolest family in the world.

Olivia McCord said...

Good for your mom! Awesome photos.