Friday, February 4, 2011

Gender Roles Have Surfaced

Conversation during yesterday's music class:

Elliot, holding up a movement scarf: "Is this a girl thing?"

Me, pretending not to understand: "What?"

Elliot, rolling his eyes: "I mean is this a princess thing or a king thing?"

Me: "Definitely a king thing."

Me (thinking): And, while we are on the subject, cleaning the bathrooms, doing dishes, and waking up with babies are all king things, too. Got it, little man?


(Elise - can't believe you caught this moment. Thank you for sending the photos!)


kate said...

hahaha! that's right. now you go twirl those scarves, your majesty! i love it.

Linea Kemsley said...

That's right Janelle, start indoctrinating him now :P

Brian and Alia Cherry said...