Sunday, February 13, 2011

Harper Kate - 5 Months


I cannot believe how fast the past five months have gone. Cliche, I know, but true. Wasn't she born, like, last week sometime?

Harper continues to be a delightful baby. She was recently sick and hardly fussed through the whole thing. In fact, I caught what she had and I am pretty sure I was more whiny than her about it.

Harper can roll over (from front to back, at least), but is generally content to just sit where I've put her. She smiles a lot and her brother can almost always get a laugh out of her (generally by yelling "poop!") She loves, loves baths and doesn't even mind when her brother splashes her in the face. She does not like going to bed at night. While she generally sleeps through the night (7 to 7) and goes down for naps without complaint, she often protests quite loudly at bedtime.

We all like her so much, Elliot keeps asking me, "do you have another baby in your tummy yet?" When I tell him no, he responds with the 3-year-old equivalent of "well, what are you waiting for?!"

Not so fast, kiddo.

Notice all the beautiful pictures of my munchkins lately? They are all courtesy of Elise, my fabulous friend who brings her camera everywhere and is always happy to email pictures.


kate said...

beautiful! like her momma.

alia said...

aw that is a sweet thing that elliot said.

Vickie said...

She is such a sweet little thing.