Monday, June 21, 2010

Linea's Graduation

Linea rocks. Here's why:

She is an unabashed nerd who is not ashamed of her love of all things fantasy or Nintendo related.
She runs circles around the rest of us smarts-wise.
She thinks the Quill and the Sword (you know, that club where people dress up in chain mail and fight with wooden swords?) sounds awesome. She may join.
She's funny.
And she is the first Kemsley girl (myself included) that my parents are truly sad to see leave the home. Who knew a 17 year old could be so pleasant? None of the rest of us want her to go either!

Random Note: During her graduation, we learned that the term "bored to tears" is not just a figure of speech. See the picture of Josh below.




Brian and Alia Cherry said...

Hahahha, dad told me that bored to tears story and i cracked up. I totally remember elliots reaction to bananas, i almost mentioned it in the blog post too. Cameron reacts to green beans that way. Last night Brian tried to trick him by doing one bite bananas, one bite green beans and back and forth. It worked for the first couple of bites and then he caught on and wouldnt open his mouth unless we rubbed it on his lips first and he tasted bananas. Hah!

Mikaela:) said...