Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Very Un-Boring Birthday to Chris

Chris is 32 today. As he pointed out this morning, this is a very boring age to turn. So I thought I’d make it a little less boring by telling you all a few un-boring things about Chris. Normally, I wouldn’t do this. Chris is not the public tribute sort of guy. But, since hardly anyone reads this anyway, we’ll consider this only semi-public.

1. Chris “doesn’t like people.” If you know Chris well at all, you’ve probably heard him say this about himself. He hates chit-chat. If you sit next to him on a plane, he won’t talk to you. He often pretends that he doesn’t see Elliot’s friend and her mom across the street as they walk to school so he won’t have to cross over and talk to her. The funny thing about this, however, is that he secretly loves people. He has more friends than I do. He calls and keeps in touch with them on a regular basis. He constantly worries about hurting people’s feelings. He is about the most charming and loyal friend you could have.
2. Lots of things make Chris “uncomfortable.” This is a favorite word of Chris’s. A few things that make Chris uncomfortable are: having his feet under the covers at night, wearing pants that “touch his thighs”, Harper’s hair in her eyes, the wrong amount of lighting when watching TV, virtual clutter, crunch in his food, and when I watch TV in my jeans instead of pajamas,
3. Chris has about a billion interests. This is one of my favorite things about him. You name a subject and he probably knows a little about it and is interested in it. He likes zoos, wildlife, wildlife shows, TV in general, music (he can play the piano, guitar, bass, drums, and clarinet – with varying degrees of proficiency), philosophy, politics, super heroes, sports, Star Wars, and literature, to name a few. This makes him a very un-boring person to be married to.
4. Chris loves TV. The man literally gets giddy when he hears the Amazing Race theme song. The day Community was shelved was one of the darkest days he’s had in a while.
5. Along the same line, Chris is a Tivo Jedi. He times his fast-forwarding (even on the fastest setting) perfectly. This is a talent he is quite proud of, and is therefore extremely annoyed when a commercial “fakes him out” by employing someone from the show we are watching. In fact, I’d say it makes him “uncomfortable.”

I could go on and on about what a great dad he is (he’ll play batman or Thomas for hours!), what a great husband he is (he wakes up with the kids at night!), and how much I love him, but that would be boring.

So instead, I’ll just wish him a very un-boring 32nd birthday. I love you, babe.


Heather said...

I was totally unbored reading these factoids about Chris. I love when smart people turn out to be TV watchers. Long live television.

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

I agree with Chris on the amazing race theme song- it makes me giddy too. Though I cant share his feelings about community. And as for Tivo, I hate when a commercial has that little rating box up in the upper left hand corner, that always fakes me out.

Heather & David said...

Happy Birthday Chris!

I'm glad someone else likes The Amazing Race! And you too Alia! I am in awe of Chris's fast-forwarding commercial skills. Someday I hope to master that technique. Sometimes I forget that I can fast-forward them now and then David nudges me to remind me.

Lauren said...

Did we talk about Raising Your Spirited Child yet? I would say Chris is a spirited adult. My Chris is a very spirited adult, and I'm probably borderline spirited, as well.

Our Chris' have a lot in common, and they would probably drive each other crazy.

Vicki Kemsley Parry said...

I've never seen the Amazing Race, but now I will need to check it out. Great post Janelle! Happy Belated Birthday to Chris! (Do you two share a birthday month?)