Saturday, March 10, 2012

Texas Forever

Chris just accepted a job in Dallas. We are moving to Texas!

This is bittersweet, of course. While we are very excited about the job and the new adventure, we are super bummed to be leaving NYC. We've spent seven of the ten years we've been married here and it truly feels like home.

But, as Tim Riggins would say, "Texas forever!"

(If you have not watched Friday Night Lights, get on that immediately.)


Vickie said...

Oh my heavens! That will be quite the change! Congratulations and good luck with the move! When does it all take place?

Christa and Rob said...

WAHOOOO!!!!! You're coming to the land of Blue Bell ice cream. It will be a big change, but it will be worth it!

You'll have to buy a LOT more furniture....and a car...and cowboy boots....and maybe even get a perm. :)

And, no more NYC winters!

E.S. Cameron said...

That's so exciting! And Elliot will finally get his wish for a bigger house, and maybe a backyard? Good luck on your new adventure!

kate said...

How exciting! Sad we didn't make it to NYC to visit you before you leave though! Wishing you the best with your move!

Kathryn Palmer said...

Oh my! That is quite the move. I just can't see you in Texas as you seem to love NYC so much. Texas will be an adjustment, but will become home too. Good luck with the move!