Monday, December 20, 2010


Chris had a nasty cold over Thanksgiving.
I came down with strep the day he got better.
Harper has had a hacking cough since before Halloween. This week she started wheezing too.
Elliot's cough is finally gone, but came down with a 24-hour bug last week that made him run a fever of 104.
And since Thursday morning, my right tonsil has become inflamed and hurts so bad that it feels like someone is sticking a needle into my eardrum. I'm planning on calling every ENT in town this morning and begging them to see me.

Let it end! (Santa? Are you hearing that? That is officially my Christmas wish.)


Vickie said...

You poor thing. What a miserable couple of weeks you've had! I'm so sorry! Last year my kids got croup at Halloween and between the 3 of us (Kent never got sick that whole time!) at least one of us, if not all 3, were sick until January. It was the most awful few months ever. I really hope you can kick this and be done with colds for a long long time! ♥♥♥

kate said...

boo! hope you get your christmas wish!!