Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santaland Diaries

Riding Macy's wooden escalator to the 8th floor.
Making small talk with elves.
Going through the line not once, but twice (Elliot didn't get a good enough look at the trains the first time).
Not even bothering to get Harper out of her bear suit for her first ever Santa photo.
Capturing Santa's blank, creepy expression.
Having a random stranger on the subway refuse to let go of my hand after I let him shake it.

All worth it. Thanks, Santaland. See you next year.



NatTheFatRat said...

seriously, what is up with these creepy macy's santas? i'm seeing all my friends' photos with their santas and they are the real deal, jolly old men with real white beards and the whole thing... you'd think of all places, MACY'S! anyway. here was our wonky santa:

nicokekeematipili said...

Good Stuff! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas.
miss you.

Linea Kemsley said...

Blank expression indeed. He's kind of creepy, actually. And as far as the guy not letting go of your and: ew.

Vicki Kemsley Parry said...

CUTE! And I love your journaling of this Santa Land experience. Made me laugh.