Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eating Sand, Take Two

Remember this post?

Well, I thought we'd moved on from there. Leaps and bounds beyond. Elliot no longer ate lint off the carpet, no longer put shoes in his mouth, and even stopped chewing on his toys.

Turns out I was wrong. Today, during a quick jaunt to the playground, I turned around and caught Elliot shoving fistfuls of sandbox sand into his mouth. Fistfuls of dirty, NY city playground sand.


I guess I should credit the kid with some progress. After a few good chews, he did conclude that it was "yucky" and spit it out.

A word of advice: You'll feel a lot better about all this if you don't stop to wonder how many rats have used that sand as their litter box. Trust me on that one.


Brian and Alia Cherry said...

ewe gross. he's gonna teach my kid bad habbits! ;)

kate said...

oh boy. well, that should count for his daily fiber intake for sure. and by the way, your comment on my last post cracked me up!

Lauren R said...

Ick. I wonder what playground sand is dirtier, New York or Long Beach. I swear there were hypodermic needles in Long Beach. I always found much humor in the playgrounds full of obese children, not playing but meandering around, munching on Cheetos.