Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Update

Here's a few facts about Elliot lately:

1. He loves to walk around with one of my large tupperware containers on his head. Occasionally he shares and lets me wear it.
2. If we tell him to go get a book, he will go into his room, spend five minutes flipping through his options and then bring one back for us to read.
3. He loves broccoli. Who'd have guessed?
4. Due to dying batteries in some farm animals we have, he thinks that cows say "Raaar!"
5. He has a cold and has learned he can blow snot bubbles the size of his fist. We're not necessarily proud of that one.


Vickie said...

hahaha! Love it. What a cutie.

Natalie Jane said...

Snot bubbles. Nice.

kate said...

awesome skills elliot! and i want that guitar. :)

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

ewe thats pretty gross! Hah, the cow thing made me laugh. I miss you guys. How is the studying for the bar going?

Tamarra said...

spends five minutes flipping throug his options...what a deliberate and thoughtful lad he is