Friday, June 20, 2008

Say "Uncle"

In an effort to give Chris some quiet bar-study time, Elliot and I decided to head up to Connecticut to visit my family for the week. We've been having lots of fun. Elliot has loved playing with his uncles and his uncles have loved playing with him. Today we went to the park for lunch. When I was about halfway through my sandwich, I heard Elliot's uncle Caleb (7) yelling furiously at a couple of other small boys. "You STINK! " He was saying. "You are pure EVIL!" Concerned, I walked over to investigate. Well, it turns out the boys had been making some rude comments about Elliot, and Caleb decided he just couldn't stand for that. Josh was indignant as well, and kept saying, "Why would they say that? Elliot is the cutest baby in the world!"

Isn't Elliot lucky to have uncles?


Chris said...

well, it's a good thing elliot's dad wasn't there because he would have been right there with the uncles and probably would have encouraged josh and caleb to smack the punks.

really, who makes fun of a one-year-old?

Vickie said... sweet.

I might have had to join Chris and the Uncles too. Have fun visiting your family!

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

hahaha. What were the kids saying?! Elliot is the cutest baby in the world so I don't even understand what the could say! OUTRAGEOUS!

laura said...

what good uncles! my uncles are all old and hairy. and i'm pretty sure they never defended my honor with the term "pure evil." elliot is lucky indeed. those other boys are total poopy heads!

kate said...

pure evil?! i love it! what good boys to stand up for your cute little guy.

Palmer Family said...

We were just in Conn last week Watertown. Duffy's older brother lives there. We went for a family reunion. I thought about you and your family while we were there!

Norene said...

Funny funny. I guess boys don't think cute is a good thing. GK