Monday, October 17, 2011

Notes on Harper

Just a few thoughts about his little lady:

Her hair bears an unfortunate resemblance to Krusty the Clown (particularly when she does her own during-meal styling):

She is a menance. I've said it before. I'll say it again. And it will be true every time I do. She regularly eats dust bunnies. You know, clumps of dust and hair? Yeah. I gagged a little too. And that's not even the worst thing she's put in her mouth. I won't tell you the others because, believe me, you would no longer be her friend.

She does a better job folding her arms for prayer than Elliot. (Note to self: work with Elliot on folding his arms for prayer.)

She says hi, bye, and all done. And I swear she said "here you go" when giving me the remote the other day.

She loves Sesame Street, Elliot, reading Moo, Baa, La La La (over and over and over), and Vanilla Joe Joe's.

She does not like walking (or when we try to encourage her to walk), being sick (my patient patient is long gone. A cold now makes this girl CRABBY), diaper changes, and when we refuse to read Moo, Baa, La La La for the twenty-second time in a row.

She drives me crazy. She is an absolute joy.

You may or may not want to watch the following:


homemade by jill said...

What a sweetie. We need to get Harper and Ruby together - they could teach each other all kinds of naughty behavior. :)

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

HAH! "i want to be in the video too" those kids crack me up. Cameron is asking for an encore right now so we will watch it again.

Linea Kemsley said...

Goodness, Elliot was hilarious in that video: dust bunnies are indeed real. I miss that kid so much. Harper doesn't look like a baby anymore; she's a full-on little kid now. I'm so excited to see all of you at Thanksgiving!

Elise said...

I can one up you on the dust bunnies: Caleb's taken to playing with the pee in the toilet that Lily forgets to flush. So count your many blessings that you're not dealing with THAT.