Thursday, September 8, 2011

This little lady


Somehow managed to turn one. What?! I'm still not sure how that happened.

Here's ten things about Harper on her 1st birthday.

1. She is a menace. For instance, last week I was in the kitchen doing dishes when Elliot started yelling, "Harper's doing a no-no!" I came running to find her standing at the toilet, playing in the water while Elliot was peeing into it. Menace, I tell you.

2. She is loud. And talkative. All day long, we hear "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" And I love it.

3. She adores her brother. When he walks out of his "room" (if you've been to my apartment, you know why I put that in quotation marks) in the morning, she practically jumps out of my lap to greet him.

4. She's easy-going. Sure, she hates it when I take something from her she's desperate to put in her mouth (legos, anyone?), but once she's sure she's been heard on the issue, she drops it. And I love her for it.

5. She's a picky eater. A recent development, I'm afraid. Luckily, she doesn't know who she's up against. I am perfectly happy to put the same bite of mashed potatoes into her mouth ten times, if that's what it takes. (Clearly, I do not share her lovely, easy-going personality).

6. She spends 75% of her time in the stroller. Or at least it feels that way. Is it the same with babies and carseats in the suburbs?

7. Though she loves to be upright and cruise along furniture, she is not in the least interested in walking.

8. She has the most adorable, big, gap-toothed smile ever. Well, adorable on a one year old. One a 14 year old, we'd probably be talking headgear.

9. Her favorite playground pastime is climbing up slides. And she's pretty good at it. Today she made it all the way up a slide without a single push from me.

10. She flirts with men in our elevator. Usually they flirt right back. Occasionally they ignore her and I am offended for her.

This seems like years ago-



Vickie said...

I love reading all about her cute personality. Happy Birthday sweet little Harper!

kate said...

she is just lovely. and i loved the headgear comment. heh heh. we've got some gap-toothers too. hope that just means they have enough room in their mouths for big people teeth. :) happy birthday harper!

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

Haha, I know what you mean about being offended for her, Cameron will often exclaim in a very upbeat and enthusiastic tone "HI!" to strangers we pass in the store. When they dont reciprocate I always say "hi cameron!". I mean come on, how can you leave that hanging? Cant believe how beautiful she is by the way. Well i can, you are her mom.

Kathryn Palmer said...

Already? She is a doll.
I love your "A Week in the Life Of" posts. It is fun to see what life is like there in the city with two little ones.