Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flattery, Elliot-Style

Lately I've been working with Elliot on his colors. He's getting pretty good so yesterday, while he was in the bath, I started quizzing him. It went something like this.

"Elliot, what color are my eyes?"
"Good job! What color is my hair?"
"That's right. What about my teeth?"
"Um... BIG."

Hahaha. The frank honesty of children. What can I say? When he's right, he's right.


kate said...

that's awesome! better than a big bum, of which i've been accused. and you have supermodel teeth.

so, we're planning a New York City trip for this fall, any chance i could catch you for lunch?

my email is

Vickie said...

Yes, but what a beautiful smile you have!! :)

laura said...

The other day Maddy and I were playing a game pretending to be characters on some cartoon. She said, "Mom, I'll be Rico and you be the one with the big head and the big belly,, i mean, no reason why." Ah, nothing like your kids to make you feel good about you.

LKC said...

When Owen and I do colors and I ask him what color my teeth are, he says "yellow." I'll take "big" over "yellow" any day.