Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why My Brothers-in-law Are Awesome

They voluntarily watched Elliot while I wrote, thought, read, went out to eat, and hiked at a 10-day writing conference in Maine. They learned how to get a fit-throwing toddler into his stroller, how to pack a baby bag (never, ever forget the snacks!), and how to put a reluctant Elliot to bed. They even managed to convince him that Mario Kart Wii is far better television than Thomas (thank you!). And they did such a good job with it all that when I came back, Elliot was still asking for his uncles.

I bet your brothers-in-law aren't this cool.

(My mother-in-law covered the last five days, so basically ALL my in-laws are pretty awesome).

Also - if you have never been to Maine, GO!


Olivia McCord said...

That is seriously awesome. I'm jealous.

Lauren R said...

Very cool. I'm glad you got to do that!!