Sunday, April 19, 2009

Elliot Hearts McDonalds

I have a confession: we are patrons of McDonalds. Frequent patrons. So frequent, in fact, Elliot starts asking for fries every time he sees those golden arches. So frequent, half of the toys in his "guys" toy basket are happy meal toys. So frequent, that on a rainy day when we're tired of being stuck in our house, this is what we do:

Thank goodness for chicken nuggets.


LKC said...

Last night we were driving home from the airport and Owen saw the golden arches and said "fries?" I confess, I too am a McDonalds mom.

laura said...

All white meat, potatoes, it sounds like a well balanced meal to me. If it has a playland he's totally getting exercise. Really, I think mom's that don't McDonalds should take a little more active role in the well being of their child.

Hey, call me sometime. You know I can't find your #.

Mark said...

We swore our children wouldn't know the meaning of "Happy Meal", but William was a fussy eater to the point of near malnutrition about a year ago, but nuggets and fries were always a "go to" food. I owe that clown a solid.

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

aww what a cutie he is.