Saturday, February 14, 2009


Since we rarely venture out of our neighborhood, this morning we decided to head down to the City Bakery for their annual Hot Chocolate Festival. The flavor of the day was (as one might guess) love potion. Basically, they took their already very creamy hot chocolate and added hot fudge. It was like a hot chocolate soup. Now I want to go back and try banana peel -- and get another one of their pretzel croissants - those things were amazing.

On the way home we stopped at Books of Wonder, an independent kids bookstore. I think Elliot has found his new favorite store in Manhattan. In fact, the only way we could get him to leave without making a scene was to allow him to read his new book as we went.

This kid cracks us up.


Misty said...

I worked around the corner from City Bakery. The banana peel hot chocolate is excellent.

Books of Wonder was the basis for the Shop Around the Corner in You Got Mail. Did you guys try the cupcakes while there?

Jaime said...

Ooo, two of my fav stores on 18th street. YEAH for hot cocoa and awesome kiddie books! Nice shot of Jared... hee hee.

Brian and Alia Cherry said...