Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Problem

Elliot has always loved the blue blanket (or "kank", as he calls it) that his Great-Grandma Fran gave him. In fact, Chris and I frequently joke that if it was a choice between us or the blanket, he'd take the blanket. Initially, I imposed a strict bedtime/naptime only rule for the blanket. Then we had a rough couple of months (remember the video?) and I caved and let him have it around the house. And then, when he wouldn't go to nursery by himself, I caved and let him bring it to church. And to the day care at Chris's work. And to the doctor's office. And to the circus. In other words, we tote that thing just about everywhere these days.

And today the problem just got worse.

In addition to the blanket, Elliot has always slept with a stuffed elephant we call "Nolan." He's never been particularly attached to it. I mostly keep it in his bed because I think it looks cute with his bedding. Looks like I've created another problem.

Pretty soon this kids hands will be so full he won't be able to walk.


Angela Jensen said...

I wanted to send you a christmas card but I don't have your new info. Can you email it to me? Hope you are doing great.

Vickie said...

Love it. But just so you know, it gets worse. Have you seen my post where Audrey has to have about 8 stuffed animals in her crib? Plus, she's always asking to take 2 or 3 things in the car with us when we go anywhere. I let her take 1 so she changes her mind about which animal or doll or toy she'll take about 100 times. We gave her a toy vacuum for Christmas and guess what she wanted to take in the car with us a few days later? Yep, the vacuum. I drew the line there. Only toys that could fit in her lap. lol.

kate said...

nolan? i love it! my girls definitely have the blankie gene (from their father's side.) looks like elliot's is nice and sturdy and should last a while. :)

laura said...

I've always wondered why my kids never got attached to anything like that. It's so interesting to me.
Maybe you could get him one of those backpacks with wheels. Now that would be funny and effective. Love that kiddo. Miss you both!

Tamarra said...

elliot looks significantly older, funny!