Friday, August 8, 2008


Let's hope Elliot gets my Grandpa Kemsley's hair genes. The man is 76.
Watching Curious George is a great way to bond with your uncles.
Another great way to bond with your uncles is to dig a big hole and then all try to fit in it.
A good way NOT to bond is to try and get two grandparents, two parents, nine kids, two spouses, and one grandchild to smile for a family picture.
Eating sand does, in fact, result in sandy diapers.
And I know my kid has a mullet, but could you bear to cut those curls?


laura said...

BEAUTIFUL. seriously you're all gorgeous. i love your mom's hair long; she looks amazing. where's kara's hubby?

Vickie said...

Love the curls! So handsome. He has the same hair do as Audrey. Your vacation looks like a lot of fun!