Friday, April 25, 2008

To Elliot: 10 Things About You on Your First Birthday

1. You have the most adorable little curl over your left ear. You might not be getting your second haircut for quite some time.
2. You get so excited you go into spasms every time you see your blue blanket.
3. You like to do things by yourself, especially walk down the hall to the elevator. The only problem is you can’t seem to remember where the elevator is and always head in the opposite direction (and are very angry when I try to correct you)
4. You suck your right thumb so much you have developed a callous. You don’t seem to mind.
5. You hate to cuddle, but love to rough-house.
6. You HAVE to have a book to “read” any time we change your diaper. We think this is very adult-like of you.
7. You love to sneak into our room when we’re not looking and steal socks from our sock drawer. We call you “the Sock Thief”.
8. Any time I give you something new to try, you spit it out and yell at me in a very determined way. Then I sneak it back in your mouth in a pile of green beans. Mu-hahahaha.
9. You love swings, the curtains, your dad, your friend Ben, pulling books off shelves, the library (so many books to pull off shelves), your blanket, reading stories, and getting into any and everything you shouldn’t. You hate going to the gym nursery (poor me), getting dressed, when we say “sit down, please” to you when you want to stand in the tub, and any food that is not ham, noodles or green beans.
10. You are adorable and we feel lucky to have you.

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Tamarra said...

I stand with you on that hair cut thing-that curl is just too darned cute.
And his reading a book during the diaper business IS very reminds me of dad and the reader's digest every time he locks himself in the bathroom.